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Will Tompkins

Biltmore Church Worship Pastor

I've worked with Matt for several years now. His technical skill and speed is beyond belief and his creativity expands by the day! I've had the privilege of watching and listening to his work and it's an art! He never stops learning and expanding his ability. He is a great blend of fundamental techniques and out of the box methods! I could do this all day but his drum and mix work will speak for themselves!

Tyler Hartman

Matt is rock solid. He has taught me a ton. His work ethic is amazing and he won't stop until the job is finished. I'm very thankful to have crossed paths with him. Not only is he a top notch musician, but the mixes he creates are levels above the competition. He's as willing to learn as he is to teach and always willing to take something away from every song he hears. Thanks for all of your help Matt, I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to take their music to the next level.

Joseph Molina

Biltmore Church Worship Pastor

I have known Matt for a couple of months now and there's things you immediately spot in a creative as soon as you meet them that let you know they're valuable. He is: Dependable, Hard working, creative, willing to lean in and listen when needed but assertive enough to take reigns when needed. On top of that as a musician and creative myself you want to be around guys who are not proud or arrogant. Matt is not. Wether it be drumming or producing for you he's confident enough in his art that he will do his best work while making you feel as if you have a new found friend in him. Hire him now.

David Mendoza

Mount Paran Technical Arts Director

As a production manager and professional live mix engineer, a client & a friend, I would highly recommend Matt on the other end of the audio-snake for post-production. He has major attention to detail on all projects he works on and will work his absolute best to make his clients happy. One of the major advantages that you will receive with working with Matt is he understands music theory and how to best incorporate that into mixing down projects, he has mastered his craft & has cutting edge skills set! For a successful project & top-notch quality, save yourself the time, Matt is your guy!

Scottie P.

I have known and worked with Matt for the past 2 years. He is a super, talented and professional sound engineer and drummer. He has the technical knowledge, but also a great feel for sound. His mixing is top notch. Do yourself a favor and go with Matt if you want your music to stand out from the crowd!

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