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Please observe the guidelines below when preparing your music production tracks to send to me for mixing. These will help ensure fast turn around for your project and prevent additional costs.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! 

Please zip all projects before uploading to Dropbox or Google Drive to ensure that they download properly on my end.

***please only send me a link to these projects***

For best results, audio files should be .wav files with a 48k sample rate and a 24bit or higher resolution.

Contact me if the files you have aren't those specs. 

Singles, EP’s, & Album Projects


Please include a lyric sheet (.pdf or .txt) with designations for what you consider to be the Verses, Choruses, Pre-Choruses, Bridge, etc. as this will help with communication during the revision process. Please also include the song's tempo, key of the song, and any modulations.

Live Projects

Only deliver ONE take of your event. Additional performances should each be delivered separately if they are needed.

Live projects should include the following information on the project in a separate file (.pdf or .txt):

  • Order of songs as they were recorded

  • Tempo and key signatures for each song

  • Lead vocalist(s) for each song

Please include any click and guide tracks that were used during the recording. 

General Prep Guidelines

  1. Only send the tracks you’d like in your song/project. 

  2. Track Naming & Numbering

    • Number and Name all Audio Tracks in your DAW before recording and/or exporting. (ex. 01 Kick In, 02 Kick Out, 03 Snare Top, etc.).

    • Please keep names as simple as possible. For example, “12 guitar" or “14 gtr" or "17 gtr solo".

    • Please label drum overheads and rooms from house perspective.

    • Make sure all lead vocal tracks are specified as “Lead”.
      Live recordings featuring multiple songs and/or lead singers should include a document listing song titles with their specific lead singers (as named in the files) and song start times in the session.

    • If you're sending multiple songs, please use the same file/track naming conventions for each song.

  3. Please print any tracks that have plugins to a separate file noted as “processed”.

  4. If there's sound you've created by blending multiple tracks, please print that track to an additional file and name it properly (Bass Blend). Please also include the original tracks you used to make that sound.

  5. Please name your song's folder as follows, "Song Title_Tempo_Sample Rate_Bit Depth"
    Example: TheOfficeRules_72bpm_48k_24b

  6. If you have a rough mix available, please send it with your tracks. For live recordings, please include the FOH mix.

Logic Users:

Check out the video below to ensure your audio tracks are being properly exported.

Submit Files Here

Thanks for submitting!

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